Paul McCartney spouting too much hot air!

I don’t mind people who have views I oppose, but when they have a do as I say not as I do I do get somewhat irked.

So Paul McCartney is urging us to give up meat one day a week in order to cut CO2. Oh thanks Paul. Is this Paul McCartney who has how many houses? Would you care to tell me their carbon footprint and more importantlythe CO2 you use jetting between them all?

Is this the Paul McCartney who has how many vehicles? I have owned 1 car in my lifetime and its done 66,000 miles, and you?

But more importantly – remind me how many kids you have? I have none – so how much CO2 will your offspring create during their lifetime? I haven’t told you not to have big houses; not to jet off around the world; not to hold concerts which means loads of people have to travel to them creating CO2 and not to have kids, so why shouldn’t I eat meat?

And furthermore I don’t actually eat meat every day. But I may just have a sausage sandwich, and they won’t be from the Linda McCartney range I can tell you!!

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