James Cleverly – Straight Talking from City Hall

James Cleverly has just recorded his latest weekly podcast giving us all the latest news and gossip direct from City Hall.

Issues included in this week’s podcast include:- Mayors Question Time – The formal monthly meeting where members of the London Assembly give the Mayor a bit of a grilling.

The Conservatives gave Boris a hard time over the provision of night flights  with a Conservative motion criticising a proposal for increased night flights over london to support the Olympics.

Also in the news this week is the Olympic route network, which is supposed to give athletes and officials priority treatment. The Conservative view is officials should wherever possible use public transport to get to venues.

Good news with regards to Oyster cards. As of January next year, Londoners will also be able to use Oyster cards on the surface rail network and Londons river boats. Another example of Boris delivering a manifesto pledge!

To listen to the podcast click this link, or use the player at the top of the blogpost.

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