Is tw*t a naughty word?

So there isn’t anything important for the media to write about. I mean, we are only involved in armed conflict in Afghanistan, but the world should shudder to a halt because David Cameron used the word tw*t on a radio show.

The debate has started as to whether it’s a naughty word. Well from where I come from up North it is. If you called me a tw*t you may experience the verb to be tw*tted as I would take grave offence.

Now having said that I do believe words can be less offennsive in the context that they are used. David Cameron was not calling an individual a tw*t. He just used the word, and didn’t use it with any malice, so in that respect there is no story.

2 Responses to Is tw*t a naughty word?

  1. I think also it was aimed at a generation who see no particular offence in four letter words beginning with consonants earlier in the alphabet. Culturally bad language is becoming less unacceptable than in previous eras, I’m not sure that that is necessarily a good thing.

  2. editor says:

    Agree – Though I always cringe when politicians gtry to get down with the kids. When I was a kid I didn’t expect a politician to be cool and with it. I still don’t. It isn’t part of the job description of being Prime Minister.

    I still remember Hague and his baseball cap. Yet now he has much much more credibilty – acting statesman like.

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