100 percent chance of weather today

I sat in my office at home today and watched the rain come down all day. Not a sliver of blue sky. Completely grey. Quite cold, and typical weather if it was October.

That’s why I find this story so amusing.  Sorry but I distinctly remember being told that this Summer we would experience an unusally hot Summer with plenty of sunny weather. Yes we had a bit in June (I delivered election leaflets outside for 5 weeks) but the rain has been here for some time.

I don’t expect perfection but when we are told that the forecast, “generally fairly accurate” it makes me laugh. I can be fairly accurate. Today there will be a 50% chance of rain. Well it’s true every day. Either it will rain or it won’t. So I claim my job as a meteorologist!

Perhaps the Met should all invest in the best weather prediction method I know. A stone on a string.

Hang it outside and check the weather as follows:-

Stone wet :- It’s Raining

Stone dry:- Not Raining

Shadow on Ground:- Sunny

White on Top:- Snowing

Can’t see Stone:- Foggy

Swinging Stone:- Windy

Stone Jumping up and Down:- Earthquake

Stone Gone:- Hurricane/Tornado

Better than Michael Fish?

Better than Michael Fish?


3 Responses to 100 percent chance of weather today

  1. i don’t think an earthquake qualifies as weather, does it?

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