I love Frank Field

Well, not literally.  It's just that I have never heard someone in the Labour Party talk as much sense as he does.  Right back to when he was asked to look into welfare reform and came up with an excellent set of proposals, only for Blair to chicken out at the last minute, he has argued his case on every matter in an unassuming but intelligent manner which makes him stand out from most politicians.
Here is an excerpt from his article today in the Telegraph about the EU treaty:

"The politics of the treaty would be transformed if David Cameron committed his party unequivocally to the following stance. The Prime Minister keeps teasing him with the possibility of an election this year. Cameron's response should be to snatch up the gauntlet by declaring that, if an election was held during this year or next, he would commit a Cameron government to holding a referendum on the treaty.  As the parliament can run to 2010 it would be unrealistic not to time-limit such a pledge. But the European elections of early 2009 offer a clear cut-off point. At that point the election to the European Parliament would itself become the referendum. The election results were not good for the governing party last time. They would be truly horrendous if Labour went into those European elections denying people a direct say on the treaty that was being promised by the Opposition."

It seems so simple, and yet Cameron remains silent.  None of the six policy groups set up by Cameron will cover our relationship with the EU, and yet the most menacing statement from Cameron thus far has been to call for a referendum.  He would have voters from every party lining up behind him if he was just a little bolder.  A wasted opportunity, in the truest sense.

Tom Richmond

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