Labour quickly bury lots of bad news

Few incidents over the past decade have been more despicable than the 'burying bad news' story after the September 11th terrorist attacks.  Obviously Labour haven't learned their lessons as today they made 76 announcements to the Commons just before it closes for the summer, including an outrageous £6m increase in the cost to the taxpayer of ministers travelling by car.
But how can this be possible?  Are the controls over ministerial spending so weak that this is just accepted without any consequences for the government?  Doesn't this type of revelation cry out for an independent body (probably cross-party) to adjudicate over changes in allowances?  At the very least, a limit of the number of announcements being made to the Commons in one day (76 is ridiculous) would allow opposition parties to highlight any debatable actions to the public and media?

Tom Richmond

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