An internet revolution

 There has been criticism of the concept of Internet TV – however a poll conducted by ICM shows that stations such as 18 Doughty Street are the trailblazers for an Internet Revolution that may just be around the corner.

According to the survey which has been published on BBC news online, "Some 43% of Britons who watch video from the internet or on a mobile device at least once a week said they watched less normal TV as a result."

I have to say the same if true of my viewing habits. now it would take alot to pull me away from Coronation Street, or when Chesterfield or beating West Ham. For that matter – nothing will stop me from watching Chelsea play when on Sky, but after that my viewing habits have really changed. I want to watch programmes when I want them – not when the schedulers say. Sorry, but news at 6:00pm doesn't do it.

I probably gets more news and political gossip from the likes of ConservativeHome, Iain Dale's diary and now 18 Doughty Street than I do from newspapers.

Why does Webcameron work? It's because it connects directly with the public – but allows people to watch when they want to, and for me that is key. Would Tory Radio work as a live show? Probably not. Does it work as a podcast – yes, becaue it lets the listener decide when they want to listen.

Traditional broadcasters, newspapers, advertisers and marketeers all will be facing huge changes in their industry. Why would you pay for an advert on ITV if you could sponsor a podcast that you can provide stats on how many people download?

The concept of Doughty Street and others that may well follow the path it has set is spot on. It's giving people something that isn't provided at the moment – but through moving to archiving all its content it's letting the viewer decide when they access it.

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