YouTube to be regulated?

I thought I'd share my appearance on The Politics Show on Sunday. I have to say I'm not convinced that any amount of regulation from the EU can have much of an effect on the Internet.

In Praise of Ideology

I have been passed a copy of a paper written for the Centre For Policy Studies, written by Lord Saatchi entitled IN PRAISE OF IDEOLOGY, which is published today.

The pamphlet looks at "the necessity for 'ideology' and to the inadequacy of the 'centre ground'", both in the UK and US

For those who would like a bit more ideology, Lord Saatchi attempts to snmash the myth that elections can only be won from the centre ground. I don't want to spoil the pamphlet for those who want to get a copy.

I have to say this is well worth a read, and will leave you with Lord Saatchi's final sentence:-

So come on you Conservatives, in Britain and in America! Man the ideological barricades!

The pamphlet accompanies a lecture being given at the CPS at 7:00pm tonight (20th November)

State opening of Parliament

This is the first time I took the opportunity to watch the State Opening of Parliament. As you can see, I had a pretty good view of things!

How to Label a Goat

 I have been sent an advance copy of this excellent book by Ross Clark entitled How to Label a Goat.

Now I am hopefully going to do a podcast review of it over the weekend if I get chance to read it, but if you want to buy a copy visit the Tory Radio bookshop here

The book examines some of the most petty and bizarre rules and regulations out there.

A must read – and not just for grumpy young men like me (well not that young but certainly grumpy).

Get hold of a copy and read for yourself

Web worries?

That's what the East Midlands Politics Show will be discussing. Click here to find out more. Should the web be regulated? Should the EUdecide what can you on YouTube, and what the futur of Internet TV shoould be?  I don't think so – but tune in this Sunday from midday to find out more.

Tory Radio interviews the BBC

Tory Radio took the opportunity to interview the BBC today. John Hess, political editor of the BBC East Midlands came over to my house today to conduct an interview about the use of new technology in politics. John is a great sport and let me do a short interview with him, to show just how easy it is to produce a podcast.

The result can be listened to below.

You can also catch me on the East Midlands version of the politics show this Sunday which I believe goes out at 12:00.

Click to listen or download

The People's Parliament

 I've been passed the following information which may be of interest to readers:-

The People's Parliament will meet on 15th November at the Sovereign Grill, Stanhope Street,NW1 at 4.00pm

The idea is to create a space where the normal working man (including cabbies) can talk about issues that concern him, in his own language, in his own time. As a guest for the first show, we will have Lord Tebbit. The show will start at 4.15pm and will last 30 minutes.

It is the view that of many in our country, that Britain is going the wrong way and has been for at least 40 years. The reasons why that might be the case are numerous. But one thing is sure, the true Brit has never really been asked his opinion. If he ever tried to verbalise what he felt, he was either ridiculed or brushed aside, whether it was by the soft liberal elite that seems to have run the media in this country since time immemorial, by cowardly politicians, or just by a loss of faith in what our country represented.

By establishing this little parliament, it is hoped that we will get the voice of the hard working man of this country to be heard. Try to get there. This a wonderful chance to be heard and it is gratifying that Lord Tebbit will be there.

Off to London to see the Queen

The Queen's Speech takes place today – so I'm off to Parliament to see if I can get a glimpse of Her Marjesy as she arrives. With any luck I will have some footage for 18 Doughty Street, who will have a 2 hour Queen's Speech Special tonight from 8:00pm.

 Will Homeland Security be taking centre stage, and will the Prime Minister use what will be the final Queen's Speech of his premiership to establish his place in history?

ConservativeHome Awards snippets

If you haven't managed to watch the ConservativeHome awards on 18 Doughty Street, fear not I have pasted together a few snippets which I thought you would enjoy. There is a great speech by the Shadow Chancellor, an amusing little anecdote about Alan Duncan, and an update as to what the future holds for ConservativeHome.

Click to listen or download

Tory Radio takes over Radio 4

Well not quite, but there is a snippet on The Today Programme. You can access it by clicking here Click the 6:30 – 7:00am slot and scroll the the 13 minute section.