Iain Dale, Are you feeling lucky? Well are you?

First it was Wolves, then Man City felt the wrath of the mighty Spireites, now it's Iain Dales West Ham.

Iain, are you feeling lucky? Well are you?

Bournemouth beckons!

In little over two weeks I will be heading down to Bournemouth for party conference – the first one where Tory Radio will be attending. Thanks to all of you who have kindly said they will help hand out the 5,000 postcards I've had printed. If anyone else can spare a few minutes giving them out, please drop me a note at editor@toryradio.com

See you at the seaside!

A groundbreaking development for anyone interested in politics!

One down two to go!

Well I have done my stint at Lib Dem Conference which was reasonably enjoyable. I really felt that the conference was quite subdued – even compared with previous Lib Dem conferences, and I think that is saying something.

The Lib Dem bloggers bash was excellent and it was amazing to see Iain Dale's bloggers publication going like hotcakes. Even more amazing was seeing Mr Dales pic on the brochure all over the Lib Dem IT stand.

Next stop Manchester – where the Labour conference will be a different beast entirely. Im not sure how it will work, not being at one of the regular seaside towns – but it will be on a massive scale (with hotel rooms usually having to have been booked months in advance).

Can't wait for the Blair and Brown speeches – though I doubt they will do a double act!

Cameron gets backing of the membership

David Cameron's built to last document has received the resounding backing of the membership with just under 93% of members who voted backing it – with  4,787 members voting against.

The worry is that turnout was very low – just under 27%

Legalise drugs but tax light bulbs!

Yes you guessed it, more snippets from the Lib Dem fringe events. Apparently on the one hand it has been suggested to legalise all drugs – while at the same time the Lib Dems would like to slap a tax on energy inefficient bulbs.

Is tax the only word the Lib Dems know (though they don't understand it). Why aren't they advocating perhaps through increases in modern technology the possibility that energy efficient light bulbs could actually decrease in price? Or perhaps encourage firms in the UK at the cutting edge of technology to develop something along these lines. No – they want to raise the price of ordinary bulbs to the price of those which are more energy efficient – so helpful to pensioners on a fixed income – so helpful to those already in fuel poverty.

Then again – perhaps we won't care too much if all drugs are legalised!

What do the Lib Dems want to be?

Iain Dale has written an excellent article about the Lib dems which you can read on his blog. It does raise the question as to what the Lib Dems actually want to be. During the Guardian debate which took place yesterday, the panel were all very keen to try to show that they didn't campaign one way in one constituency, and in a completely different way in another. The cynic in me thinks that perhaps they were protesting too much.

It does raise the question as to which direction the Lib Dems wantto move. In many constituencies they seem to be happy to portray themselves as (in their eyes) a rather moderate but still right wing alternative to Labour. In others they attempt to be more left wing than Labour.

Now at some point the public are going to get wise to this – and the Lib Dems are going to have to take a decision. Are they going to have a national platform of economic liberalism, or are they going to opt for more socially democratic policies.

Perhaps todays vote on the 50p tax rate will be a turning point. If they vote to dump the pledge have the economic liberals won the day – or if the leadership loses the vote will the Lib Dems be chasing the left wing votes?

Someone once described the Lib Dems as the Kentucky Fried Chicken of politics – as they had a franchise in each constituency. That analogy isn't right – as with KFC you expect a consistent prduct wherever you are. With the Lib Dems you don't know what their policies may be from one street to the next.

Lib Dems are like gangrene

No these aren't the words of the opponents of the Lib Dems – but of treasury spokesman Julia Goldsworth at a Guardian debate at their party conference today. Apparently she likes to describe the success (I assume that's what she was referring to) of the Lib Dems as something like gangrene – as it slowly spreads…..

…I wonder if any people who have experienced Lib Dem councils would also back up Julia's view of her party?

You're liars hypocrites & mudslingers

Is this my view of the Lib Dems? Actually it's a leaflet put out about Lewes Lib Dems by the campaigners wanting a new football stadium for Brighton and Hove Albion.

Now coming from Chesterfield I know about the need for a football ground for your local team, and having lived in Brighton for 3 years I also know how long the Albion have been trying to get a ground ever since they sold the Goldstone.

In the leaflet it is stated, "If one Lib Dem council can destroy a football club, what might a Lib Dem government do to the country?"  Strong words! I suspect a few protestors will be wanting to have a word with  Norman Baker the MP for Lewes.

UPDATE – There was a fairly vocal and good natured protest by supporters of the Seagulls outside of the Brighton Centre. I decided to have a glass of diet coke after it had finished and lets say I got  approached by a few of the fans who suspected I was a Lib Dem due to my yellow pass lanyard. A much more polite conversation ensued after I pointed out I was here on business, and had actiully lived in brighton for three years! Norman Baker was not a popular man with this group!!

Meeting Ming!

Who should I bump into walkng not far from the Brighton centre – in the lovely sunny Brighton weather, but Ming Campbell. I wondered whether his choice not to wear a tie was down to the temeperature, or whether he felt the need to get down with the kids?