Cable opens his mouth….. again

It wasn’t that long ago that good old Vince Cable opened his mouth to some undercover journalists, which had the effect of having some of his responsibilities hived off to another Government department at great expense to the taxpayer.

Vince is at it again – this time criticising the Prime Ministers stance on immigration. But isn’t that the cowards way? Why not do the decent thing Vince and resign and then carp from the back benches?  I remember at school learning about collective responsibility. Vince may think the comments by the PM are unwise. He has a right to think that… but as a backbencher.

2 Responses to Cable opens his mouth….. again

  1. IanM says:

    Cameron’s losing it. He’s seeing the NHS reforms hit the buffers and Lansley’s a dead man walking; something very bad for Cameron. Therefore he lashed out at one of the weakest members of society. This is reprehensible. Not only are the cuts hated by most of British society, but today’s outburst shows Cameron to be weak.

    • bill says:

      ludicrous nonsense.Socialists hate debate and hate discussion.They will always do their best to avoid it or supress it. The Immigration debate is a typical example – rather than debate the subject socialists will try and supress the debate by attempting to smear those that raise the subject as racists. Cable is a fairly extreme socialist and is therefore unable to contain the natural instinct of the socialist and adopts the same old tired approach – clearly he has no place in a complex coalition and should resign

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