International Womens Day?

Sorry I just don’t see the point of a day that’s for slightly over half the human population. What’s it supposed to achieve? Enlighten me. Essentially it seems you are pushing the rights of one half over the other. There are cries for an International Mens Day, but I think there is one of them too – and I find that equally pointless.

We currently see a European Court deciding insurance cant be sold on the basis of what sex you are (even if women may be a better risk). Is that what you want. Or what about the Race for Life. It discriminates against men. They get breast cancer. They have relatives who have suffered from the disease – but cant take part. And yes I know there are plenty of other ways they can get involved. But can you discriminate when it suits and cry foul of discrimination when it doesn’t?

Just asking?

PS:- And of course one commenter bemoaned the fact that a hairdresser can put up one charge for cutting the hair of a woman (greater) than that of  a man, before knowing the work involved… and I completely get the point.

2 Responses to International Womens Day?

  1. littlemissmoxie says:

    We don't need an International Men's Day because all other 364 days of the year essentially ARE Men's Days, which is precisely the purpose of International Women's Day. If the day's only achievement is bringing into sharp focus the oft overlooked and marked imbalance of power between the sexes, then it's job is done.

  2. toryradio says:

    The very fact you can't explain the purpose of the day shows it is pointless. If you think City Hall holding a reception or the EU giving female dignatories flowers is somehow addressing an imbalance of power you are delusional. So those actions costing thousands achieved? I'll tell you….. sweet FA.

    Of course I assume in the interests of equality you agree women should be slapped with a 25% increase in insurance premiums as proscribed by a European Court? I

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