Fat lady is taking to the stage

Someone (you know who you are) reminded me it aint over until the fat lady sings. Tomorrow she is taking to the stage. Polls open at 7:00am and hopefully enough has been done to convince people that not only should we send this shoddy Government packing, but a clear decisive result, namely a Conservative Government with a mandate to take the decisions is required.

I am more tired than the two times I have stood for Parliament myself. I have a pair of worn out trainers. I haven’t seen my home for a month. I have done all I can possibly do – but tomorrow there is still a little more to do. We need to ensure that everyone who is considering voting Conservative goes to the polling station and casts their vote. It really is the most important General Election of a Generation.

I turned 35 during this election and the party has never won a General Election since I have been able to vote. A sobering thought – and one that convinces me tomorrow every Tory needs to do all they can to get the result the country needs.

On that note I wish all my friends who are PPCs the best of luck.  I hope all your hard work brings you the result you deserve!

10 Responses to Fat lady is taking to the stage

  1. The Conservatives have the best case for Government out of all the parties – so here's hoping!

  2. operanut1972 says:

    About time, I was lucky to see John Major win after casting my first vote, and thereafter I have always worn a black armband metaphorically every poll since. Lets make this years count people!

  3. Keynesianism says:

    A failure to successfully negotiate with The Liberals could allow Labour to stay in power, quite possibly with a new leader. The party with the most votes and seats would not be the government, a rather undemocratic outcome. The fat lady may not sing after all. Perhaps then the Tories might understand what it’s like to be a voter in many areas where your vote is largely an irrelevance. They say PR leads to weak government but isn’t that what we have now without it?

    • operanut1972 says:

      If you think PR is going to end the situation we are in now then think again, look at how many other countries use PR, see how often they have a majority government. I also think it is easily manipulated and can cause issues where we get unpleasant politics gaining a voice in Westminster. Not something I personally want. Yes FPTP is broken, but then it was designed in the 1800's where so few people actually had a vote, it has been creaking for years. There are better alternatives to PR other than FPTP. I have to say Liam Fox seems to be completely out of touch with the electorate, if he thinks Electoral Change isn't something most voters are seeking he is totally wrong. I think he might need a change of staff if all he meets are sycophants! I want a Conservative government, it is about time!!!! They have a moral mandate despite what the constitution says. I live in a Labour Safe seat, it sucks. My Conservative candidate didn't even bother to leaflet drop let alone canvas! My MP is next to useless, how he manages stay on despite being booted from the several cabinet posts amazes me! I needed his help, he didn't give me the courtesy of a reply, typical Labour!

  4. Keynesianism says:

    So Brown has decided to go and at the same time take the Conservative party down with him. Not bad for a man who many in the right wing press portrayed as an idiot!
    Plenty of rubbish MP's across all of the political spectrum as the last few years have shown. Arguments against PR seem to assume that a majority government is the best type of government. Much of Europe doesn't seem to think so. No party has a monopoly of good ideas. We have have decades of the 2 party politics and got where? Time to change.

    • operanut1972 says:

      I do think majority Governance is the best form of Government. It not only offers stability to markets but also reassures the electorate that heir jobs and homes are safe. I'm not sure how many people in Greece are going to be feeling that right now! We are in grips of a Coalition, one which the Tories are in Government, I just hope that we won't be trotting back off to the polls before the Queens Speech!

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