Dog insurance….. what next

So the latest wheeze is to force dog owners to have insurance. Hmmm, We have to have a licence to have a TV and that isn’t enforced 100%. There is a law against using mobile phones while driving – and how often is that enforced. So now in an effort to clamp down on attack dogs and dangerous breeds the answer is dog insurance. I think not.

Never mind, it looks like mums and dads with pushchairs may also be forced to have to have a licence to operate their wheeled vehicles. Well OK. Maybe not – but it’s getting close to that! Maybe a tax disc for mobility scooter, and a 3 point fine if you block the supermarket aisle with your trolley? With this Government we really shouldn’t jest!

2 Responses to Dog insurance….. what next

  1. Keynesianism says:

    I rememeber the last dog tax; abandoned as the cost of collection was greater than the revenue. I agree, the idea that this will stop the average drug dealer, or social deviant from having an aggressive animal is fantasia. What we really need are laws surrounding such animals that are enforced. Sadly we now live in a society where people can be harrassed to death in their own home, so what chance is there?

  2. editor says:

    Have to say I agree with the sentiments. Smacks slightly of desperation when we learn that there are people who have been harrassed day in day out and nothing seems to be done. Have to agree with Kelvin Mackenzie on Question time when he said it shouldn't be called anto social behaviour but outright thuggery. Anti social behaviour is smelling of garlic the day after a nice meal.. not making someones life a complete and utter misery.

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