Go fourth and blog….

Blogging takes hold in the strangest of places. I remember watching the programme on John Prescott that was on a while ago and the thing I took from it was that in spit of everything – all the fun poked at him and so on – he did come from a humble background and became Deputy Prime Minister of this country. Couldn’t have been that daft then could he!

I guess its the northerner in me that always likes to see someone from nothing so to speak reach great heights. What is even more fascinating for me is that the man portrayed as being bumbling and stupid by the media in actual fact has a better understanding of the internet and its power than some self styled blog guru’s who shall remain nameless.

I think my views of Prescott are very much like those of my former MP Tony Benn. I disagree with much of your political philosophy – but I kind of respect what you are doing!


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