no more showers for you!

Is the world really going mad, or are people just being plain stupid. I am the first to try to do my best for the environment. I have a wormery. My new composter just arrived. Ive replaced all the bulbs in our new house to energy saving ones.

I probably only drive about 30 miles a week as I can commute to London on public transport. I don’t have any kids. So in the scheme of things, my carbon footprint is pretty good, though could always be better.

BUT – I am under no illusion when I accept that human activity is inevitably damaging to the environment. There is nothing you can do to stop it, you can just try to limit it. To take the argument to its end – the way to help the environment is to look at population control – but that argument is for another day. We seem to be moving towards environmental considerations being of paramount importance above and beyond everything else, and that could be very very dangerous.

I had a Victor Meldrew moment and nearly felt myself saying I DON’T BELIEVE IT, when I read this story today.

Now we can have argument about whether prisoners should have showers in their own cells. I don’t remember getting my own personal shower at University, but hey if you’re a criminal I’m sure it’s all part of your human rights.

What I can’t believe is that we have a story about prisoners showers and how they are  contributing to the government’s CO2 output. The reason I can’t believe it, is that I can just imagine the next stage of this story. Well, we’ve had to release a few prisoners early, so we can meet our CO2 targets.

God knows what will be next. Perhaps prisoners will be forced back into slopping out, all in the name of being environmentally friendly! In fact – we could all just wash every other day (something some people I stand next to on the underground clearly do) just to do our bit.

Alternatively we could have a bit of common sense, and do our bit to limit our environmental impact, but appreciate that our very existence impacts on our planet.

2 Responses to no more showers for you!

  1. Jock says:

    Actually we are being constantly told that students nowadays really don't want to settle for anything less than en suite showering facilities in halls at least.  And some of ours look like prison blocks!  I even spotted one of last year's most precious bemopaning on the web discussion board before she arrived that she was worried about living in a particular hall as she had never had to share a bathroom with anyone, not even family.

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