Quentin Who?

Everything happens when you take a break! 100 yards from my house in Chesterfield there has been water up to the windows – though thankfully the estate I am on is fine!

Then it turns out that down the ro ad from where I live in Newark, the MP for Stamford and Spalding, Quentin Davies has decided to defect to Labour.

Well here is may take on things. One has to think that this was part of an orchestrated plan by the Brown camp to try to show Brown as being substance driven, and Cameron like Blair – being driven by media headlines.

This analysis is false, and one must also questions whether Mr Davies was thinking of standing down at the next election anyway. I have to say that I do not always agree with what David Cameron says. Mind you – I dont always agree with everything Tim Montgomerie, Iain Dale or even my wife says (don't tell anyone about that last one!).

The Tory party hs always been a broad church and always will be. Under it's big tent you can find the likes of Roger Helmer with the likes of Ken Clarke… and why? The reason is there is more that unites us than divides us.

Does Mr Davies support an incoming Prime Minister who has crippled our pension funds? Does he have more in common with Harriet Harman than people like David Davis and William Hague. If he is so pro European does he really have much in common with Gordon Brown's unique brand of Euro-scepticism? I really don't think he does!

Quentin Davies was only a few miles away from me – down the A1 – and perhaps it says alot that I really don't know much about him, or what he stands for. I suspect the members of his local party will feel very let down – as will all the voters who put their X next to a Tory candidate. I hope the party moves swiftly to get a new candidate in place, who will start to represent all those people who Quentin Davies has let down today!

(Thanks to ConservativeHome for the pic which they got online only minutes after the story broke).


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