When is big too big?

Britain always has a history of knocking its own success stories – and Tesco is certainly a success story. But when is nbig too big? A story in today's Sunday Times suggests that Tesco has taken control of half of all new shopping space in Britain this year, once store closures are taken into account. Retail analyst Richard Hyman, states this statistic is "mind-boggling". According to his figures, Tesco has opened two million sq ft of retail space this year.

As with all things like this – before we moan about the growth of Tesco – perhaps we should ask ourselves when was the last time we used the local baker, butcher or corner shop. And aren't Tesco just giving people what they want – choice at a low price?

The worry has to be the size of the Tesco land bank. Just how much property do they control and how big do they really want to be?

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