First the Tories – now the EU has a new logo

This is the winning logo which has been designed to celebrate the EUs 50th birthday. Hmmm not convinced myself. Thankfully they have dropped other ideas which had been suggested as part of the celebrations which included proposals for a marathon. After the London Marathon this year, that's one I would have had to have given a miss!

Vote Blair Out

I'm in the midst of trying to sort out what to keep and what to throw away when my house sale eventually goes through and myself and Mrs Sheppard eventually end up living with eachother permanently, and came across the final 25 VOTE BLAIR OUT wristbands. If anyone wants some/all of them drop me an email – all donations to help pay for the podcasting will be gratefully received. Im sure they will make an ideal Xmas present for your Labour voting pals.

Dedicated follower of fashion?

 Iain Dale has his Duchamp ties, so in anticipation of starting work with him in 9 days I thought I couldn't be out done and decided to go for some fairly outlandish cufflinks. Do let me know if you want some! What do you mean its a good job I just do podcasts and not video podcasts!

Sion Simon's video off air?

Apparently Sion Simon's You Tube video is no longer off the website? Such a shame!

 According to Guido, Tom Watson, the MP who posted the video has even apologised:-

"I did post the video to you tube and I take responsibility for that. The aim was satire. Colleagues and newspapers thought it was rude. On reflection, they were right.

So, if anyone is upset – including David Cameron – I unreservedly apologise."

Does that make me right in thinking it wasnt really funny, or is my head still stuck up my political backside as beautifully described by Jon Gaunt? No – don't answer that!

Man from Sun calls me Big Boy!

Some bloke from the Sun called me "Tory Big Boy" – how nice – I wonder how he knows! I wonder if he'd mind me using it on the task bar as a testimonial? Now what was his name – John someone or other. Apparently 10 million people read his paper. I did wonder if the circulation had shot up 7 million since I last looked – but could be wrong.

If you want to give him a slap you can do so here – use your right mouse button.

Perhaps I could be a page 7 fella??

On Sky at 8 – do tune in!

I am on Sky News later tonight round about 8 ish. Thats Channel 501! We are talking about the internet and politics and the latest You Tube video. Do tune in!

Politico's bookshop with Tory Radio

If you are in need of any political reading, look no further the Politico's Bookshop. We are hoping to have a new feature on Tory Radio which will include book reviews of the latest publications – and if time permits, I will even do some podcast book reviews to tempt you into making a purchase or two.

In the meantime, visit the online Bookshop by clicking this link, for all the latest titles.

Widdeo Video?

Iain Dale has managed to get Anne Widecombe to appear on Doughty Street TV – and its only Day Three!! I hope he will ask her for a bit more detail about what Widdeo Video is all about.

At party conferende she was fairly adamant about not wanting to do a blog as she hasnt got time! If you providesthe content I will do it for you Anne!! Now there's an offer you can't refuse!

Another MP embraces blogging

It is pleasing to see that our MPs are now embracing blogging as a way of communicating (that's talking AND listening) to their constituents. Richard Spring is the latest. His blog can be found here.

 Welcome to blogging Mr Spring!

Hours to go until a new era in TV begins


I don't want to make Iain Dale and Tim Montgomerie nervous, but there are now literally only hours left until 18 Doughty Street broadcasts its first live broadcast. I have been lucky enough to witness some of the rehearsals and have to say that I cant wait until it "Goes on air" if that is the right phrase for an Internet TV station.

Whats makes 18 Doughty Street unique for me is the level of interaction that you can have with the programmes and presenters.You can text usthe presenters  live in the studio on 83222 – type the word COMMENT before your message. Texts cost 50p.

You can also email the shows directly – so for example – if you have a comment about Iain's show tonight then email

To tune in, make sure you visit  the 18 doughty street website at 8pm tonight!