Top 100 Tory blogs?

In anticipation of the forthcoming party conference Iain Dale is looking to produce a list of the top 100 Tory Blogs. If you have an suggestions make sure you visit his diary.

Hopefully we may feature in the list of the top 100 – though for my top three blogs you only have to look at the right hand column of the Tory Radio website. I love Iain's style of writing and all the political gossip that he picks up that you just wouldn't find anywhere else. For me if you want to catch up on all the political news of the day there is only one place and that is ConservativeHome, and finally if you want the most outrageous and amusing stories you can't beat a bit of Guido.

I'm also a fan of Ellee Seymour who doesn't just 'do politics' and must mention Blue Torch Solutions who produced this website who I know will go from strength to strength.

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