Now you can phone in a voice comment to Tory Radio and you may have it featured in a future Tory Radio podcast. It couldn’t be more simple, just pick up a phone (or use Skype) and call our special TalkBack Line:

CALL:-  020 3287 3457

Wait until you hear the recorded message  and leave your message after the tone.

One Response to Phone-In

  1. Richard Sletzer says:

    At last these stupid Olympic Games are over. And here we all are nine billion deeper in debt.

    Was it worth it? Was it worth driving the country financially further underwater just to see so-called “athletes” “medalling” in sports no-one gives a damn about? Was it hell.

    The Olympics were the last hurrah of Blair’ and Brown’s regime of borrowing and bling – bread and circuses. “Dave” should have cancelled the Olympics immediately after the 2010 General Election.He lacked the spine to do so. Now we and our children and grandchildren will all go on paying.

    Surely it was all worth it – just for the Paralympics alone wasn’t it?
    No it damn well wasn’t. Why should disabled people have their own Olympics?

    If it’s ok for the disabled then why aren’t there Paralympics for other sub-sets of society?
    Why wasn’t there a Paralympics for Muslims?
    Why wasn’t there one for unemployed teenagers?
    Why wasn’t there one for Pensioners?
    Instead of a “high jump” we could have had a “low jump”,
    Instead of “throwing the hammer” we could have had a “throwing the handbag”
    Instead of the “hop step and Jump” – we could have have just had the “step”

    If there’s nothing else to celebrate, at least we can now really celebrate the fact that this whole silly farce is now well and truly over. Now there’s just the little matter of paying for it.

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