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Did you miss today’s PMQs which took place at the later time of 3:00pm? Fear not. Listen to a podcast of events by clicking the player above.

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Given the news about more troop losses, today’s PMQs was a somewhat sombre affair. To listen to it in full click the play button above.

PMQs… who won this weeks confrontation?

If you missed this weeks PMQs, do not fear. Catch up with all the action by clicking on the podcast above.

This month I will be mostly reading….

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September no only brings us conference season (the first in a decade that I won't be attending all three) but also the publication of quite a few political books.

Two are top of my reading list. First there is obviously The Guide to Political Blogging edited by Iain Dale, which you can buy by clicking this link.

Then there is The Political Campaigning Handbook by Lionel Zetter which can be purchased here.

Hopefullly I will get chance to review both of these books in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime – why not hear from the author of The Political Campaigning Handbook, as to why it's the one book you can't live without.

Dale sees red on Radio 5

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Iain Dale has written on his blog about some comments ex Tory MP David Mellor made on the Worricker programme on Radio 5. To cut a long story short, Mr Mellor wasn't too complimentary about party leader David Cameron.

Let's just say both Iain and David Gold, our candidate in Eltham certainly didn't mince their words, and told Mellor what he could do with his opinions in no uncertain terms!

It's 15 minutes of radio that are well worth a listen, that's for sure!