Are councils doing a cash grab at a time when people can least afford it?

Lets take an ordinary couple. They got married 3 years ago – but didnt properly move in together until one of them sold their house which was in a different town.

They lived in a nice house in Nottinghamshire but wanted somewhere bigger and were in the nice position to be able to put an offer in on a bigger property on the same street as they were living.

They move in to the new house and continue to try to sell the old one (on the same street). After 6 months they have to start paying 50% council tax on the empty property. That’s fine as they really wanted to get rid of the house.

Today they get a letter from the local authority saying that their empty property will only get a 10% discount on their council tax – meaning they will pay 90% council tax on it. The reason given – is they think it will encourage vacant properties back to the market!!

Yet… and get this, under the law, the husband could move across the road which would mean only 75% council tax could be levied due to single person occupancy, and the new house would also have its council tax reduced to 75% for exactly the same reason.

So a married couple could live apart, use more council services, yet save money – whilst it would also have the opposite effect of removing housing stock from the market.

Is this story make-believe? No… its the situation me and Mrs Tory Radio are now faced with thanks to Newark and Sherwood District Council. Makes no sense… but then when has the tax system even made sense?

The question I have is are councils across the country bumping up their council tax rates for vacant properties at a time when thousands of people cant sell their houses and can least afford to be hit with higher bills?

unbelievable brown

I’ve been watching the PM’s press conference and amongst all the questions that have been asked I near choked on my team when I heard this one. Effectively a journalist (Simon Carr I think) asked him if the polls had actually showed a healthy Labour lead and would have given him a 100 seat majority would he have called the election.

Brown said no, and that he would still want to serve longer to deliver his vision!

Yes Prime Minister – of course you would!

If you thought you could win you would have gone to the polls.

And if you really believe that no matter what the polls showed, you would not have called the election, then isn’t that just as bad, as surely that just shows election fever was allowed to mount for the sole reason of playing politics in the hope that it would disrupt the Tory Conference.

Tut tut!

Tory Radio down in the polls…

Tory Radio has slipped in the polls of best right wing blogs from our position just outside the top 10 – at number 11 last year to the position of 17.

It’s great to be in that top 20, and now with our brand spanking new website, our hotline which you can call 24hrs a day on 0845 257 0 427, and our ever increasing number of expert columnists we are aiming to shoot back up the charts! In all honesty though, this site is a labour of love.

For those who don’t like it, that’s fine. As Guido would say – leave your subsciption fee as you close the door behind you. For those of you who do – thanks, and hopefully you’ll keep coming back for more!