Have I got Boris for you

Being rather sad, I forewent a Friday night out to see Boris confirmed as London Mayor. Before the result was announced, I watched a very funny edition of Have I got news for you hosting by Brian Blessed in maniac mood. It was quite fitting really as had it not been for Boris’s appearances on this programme, Ken Livingstone could well still be Mayor. For it was this programme that launched Boris on the national stage. You could argue he would have been famous due to his work at the Telegraph and Spectator but it was HIGNFY which put him in the public consciousness.
It was also this programme which helped the public rehabilitation of William Hague of course with a series of hilarious and very professional guest appearances which made the general public release this man isn’t a sad political loser but a clever funny normal bloke.
Add in the regular appearances of the likes of Bob Marshall Andrews giving New Labour a slating, and you could say the Conservative Party have a lot to thank the producers of this show for in the last few year. Whether that lasts into a new Conservative government of course remains the subject of debate.



May Day May Day – your last chance to save London?

11 years ago I was swanning around on a hot May 1st, having fought my first ever parliamentary election. I lost.

11 years on and it’s May 1st, and London faces a crossroads. Does it vote for more of the same… more Ken, or does it vote for Boris.

I read a really amusing piece by former Minister Phillip Oppenheim on the pros and cons of all candidates. As someone who doesn’t live in London, and who doesn’t have local elections where I live I have to say I’m experiencing a bit of feeling like the world is passing me by. Do I care if the capital has bendy buses or routemasters? Not really – even though I commute to the capital. Am I bothered about London public transport – only if it can get me to work on time.

Should I be bothered about the result of the Mayoral Election? Absolutely. Why? Well because it will the best indicator yet that the country is willing to return a Conservative Government to power.

If London can vote for Boris, then the country can vote Conservative.

The sobering thought is that I am now 33 and ever since I have been able to vote, the Conservatives have lost ever General Election. I will probably be 35 by the time Gordon Brown finaly decides to go to the polls. So the vote in London and the local election isn’t just a vote to save London.

It’s a vote to save the country. Go out and do the right thing!

Bruschetta, Bloggers and Boris

Quite an eventful day today – packed with meetings, and in the middle a lunchtime get together with Mayoral candidate, Boris Johnson.

The lunch was attended by fellow bloggers including Sam Coates, Iain Dale and Dizzy, and gave us a chance to hear about what plans Boris for London.

As a none Londoner I pitches in and asked whether the rest of the UK should pay for the LONDON Olympics. The answer was a firm YES.

Now I don’t for one minute buy that other parts of the UK benefit from the Olympics. I don’t see many events taking place in Nottingham. In fact I didn’t think it was a UK bid – but rather a London bid.

However Boris doesn’t need to bother about me as I don’t live in London. What his answer shows is that he is prepared to stick up for the London taxpayer, and will fight to get them the best deal, which if I were a voter in the capital, would be particularly reassuring.

Somewhat worryingly Lynton Crosby recognised me. I wonder if those 12,010 votes in Bassetlaw at the last General Election made a good impression on him? I suspect not.

What was clear is that Boris is taking this election, and therefore the future of London very seriously. Those who think he is treatin this as a bit of a laugh are wrong. Unfortunately I had to leave for a prior engagement after the starter – so I suspect fellow bloggers will be able to provide a much better account of the ensuing discussion.

Could we be about to witness the first Conservative Mayor of London?

I just think we could!

bozzer moves up a gear

There were some who had doubts about the choice the party made for the forthcoming mayoral election. I even had the BBC on the phone asking me if I had heard any disquiet among Tory ranks. Funnily enough my comments about not hearing anything didn’t fit in with the story they were pushing.

Today the very much strengthened Boris campaign has launched their new webiste with features including:

-     All the latest press releases and news stories as they happen
-     Fresh new film clips of Boris out on the campaign trail
-     A jam-packed photo diary
-     A breakdown of policy areas including; Getting around London, Keeping you Safe, Affording a home, the Olympic Legacy, a healthier London, Our environment and the Mayor’s job.

Why not pay it a visit here and register your support.

Eloquent ramblings, as ever

Everyone knows that Boris Johnson is a bit of an enigma, but who would have thought he could get the phrase "the mating ritual of a pair of giant black hairy caterpillars" into his article for the Telegraph today?
Underestimate Boris at your peril.  Especially you, Mr Livingstone.