Interview with Shadow Minister for Europe

Click the media player at the top of the website, or click this link to listen to the Tory Radio interviw with Shadow Europe Minister, Mark Francois MP.

Are the Conservative party committed to pulling out of the EPP? Where do they stand on a Referendum and the EU constitution? Can a member of “Better Off Out” serve in a Cameron Cabinet? Is a vote for UKIP wasted? Listen to the interview to find out.

Can they have it both ways?

The continued talk of credit crunches and banks going to the wall really has got me thinking.

It seems as though there are some businesses that you can make as much hay as you care to when the sun shines, and when that rainy day comes you can ask someone else to cover your back side.

It reminds me of the insurance industry in the states. They have always been happyto take the money from people during the good weather, but when a hurricane comes and wipes out millions of dollars worth of property on coast of the gulf of mexico they go cap in hand for federal help.

Nice businesses if you can get it. Making money in the good times, and being bailed out by the state when things get bad.

Part of me hopes we aren’t going to be going down that route here.