Cross party solidarity with @falklands_utd

I wondered what I should do with my 15,000 tweet.

Twitter can be quite powerful these days. I only came across the twitter account @falklands_utd today and they are seemingly wanting to build support for the islanders.

For many reasons, including the fact that the Vulcan bombing raid to the Falklands took place just down the road I would have thought every MP from across the political spectrum would like to show a little solidarity with those on the Falkland Islands and maybe by following the @falklands_utd twitter account it will be just a small message to the like of Kirchner that we support their right to self determination.

Thousands of people showing their support, and all our legislators is a more powerful message than just signing the odd Early Day Motion in Parliament is it not? So come on people – why aren’t you persuading your MP to give them a follow and message of support?

And that, I think, is a good use of my 15,000th tweet don’t you think?


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