Fiona Mactaggart is a Hypocrite

We all remember when Fiona Mactaggart essentially insulted Chloe Smith in the Chamber for having the temerity of being too you and a Minister. So much so that Fiona actually was publicly repentant for such a sin on this very blog.

Is it me, or is there now any irony to see Fiona Mactaggart criticise the Prime Minister for calling Dennis Skinner a dinosaur, and then trying to imply that the perceived rudeness is down to being schooled at Eton, thereby trying to make class the line of attack?

People don’t like politicians who adopt a ‘do as I say, not as I do attitude’, and Fiona Mactaggart has highlighted a prime example of this today.

Maybe her rudeness was also down to her schooling? Who am I to say?

This article first appeared on Dale & Co

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