MPs are becoming so rude on twitter!

Are MPs ruder on twitter than in real life? Well actually maybe everyone is, though should we expect more from our elected representatives. On New Years Eve there were a few tweets going round essentially trying to push the argument that Cameron gave honours to his mates. In fact the phrase used by one, Pat Glass MP was that “Cameron rewards his friends”. (Funny how some tweets get deleted).

Now personally Id be happy to see no rewards for people doing their day jobs – actors sports personalities and even those in the political arena but that’s another matter. Pat was trying to make a party political point, so I threw in the fact that Labour honoured Fred Goodwin of all people!

I then got the response below which included the phrase “Geography nearly as poor as your English.” And this from someone with a history of working in education, more importantly special education, and yet she chooses to use someones education as an insult. Some may say how charming. Of course Pat deleted the tweet. I’m not sure why,  but we all know they are never deleted.

Oh and Pat, if we are talking of spelling, Councillor doesn’t have three “l’s” in it. Check your own website?

People who live in (Pat) Glass houses eh?

Update:- Of course this is the same MP who said,

..when I pointed out how many Post Office workers lost their jobs under the previous Government and how many post offices closed, after she talked of Tory cuts. Of course it didn’t dawn on her that a Tory may have been a post office worker in the past, and for a number of years may have been the one responsible for answering every tedious parliamentary question asked about the company. No no, Tories can’t care about things like the Post Office. Laughable.

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