Giving is easy enough

I’m not sure that I believe the narrative that it’s because giving isn’t easy enough as to why the middle classes aren’t as generous as other countries such as the US. That’s the proposition I picked up on during the drive home listening to Radio 2.

So according to those talking the solution is to round up the pound when you pay for something – to give the difference to charity, and allow you to give to charity at a cash machine. Maybe I am just being rather grumpy. When I go to a cash machine I really don’t want to have to say No, I don’t want to give to charity x or y. When I buy something I don’t want to have to say I don’t want my change going to a charity which is not of my choice.

For you see, there are very specific charities I want to support, and it really is quite easy to do so. Any move that makes it closer to having to opt out, rather than opt in, is in essence moving towards a system of tax where you have no choice.

Sorry – I am the best person to decide how I spend my money on, and that includes which charities I choose to support, and lets be honest – it’s hardly hard to donate these days is it.

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