Has the Lib Dem whinging stopped yet?

My ears really hurt from hearing all the moaning and whinging from the Lib Dems following the AV vote. Sorry my sympathy is so tiny an electron microscope just wouldn’t detect it. You were given a referendum no one wanted and shock horror the electorate gave you a result that YOU didn’t want.

Then the Lib Dems had a bid of a bad day at the office, or as one of their own put it, were kicked in the ballot box. Welcome to Governing. It’s different than opposition. Opposition can be fun It’s so much easier to criticise everything, promise more sun, and a land of milk and honey. When in power when you don’t deliver you get kicked – and sometimes hard. That’s democracy. So from being a party in opposition who have been able to milk a role, government isn’t always attractive.

Yes it’s a coalition, but the tail of a dog (sorry I am sure there are more polite terms) who have got 75% of their own manifesto into the coalition really needs to stop whinging. But of course if Huhne and Cable are allowed to be fairly vitriolic in their criticism as members of Government, don’t expect those on the other side to dish it back.


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