Party membership – It's all take take take

Mark Wallace has  very good piece on how local associations are treating prospective new members. I have to say it doesnt come as any surprise to me. But the question I am left with, and have been pondering for quite some time is just what do you get as a new member (if you are lucky enough to have a response to a membership enquiry).

You won’t get a say in a leadership election for quite some time. Being a party member clearly isn’t a prerequisite to stand for parliament. If you face fits and you are talented the way will be made fairly easy for you. So what do you get as a member? Perhaps the party board could not only look at why new members are welcomed with open arms, but also not just see members as another name on a mailing list to constantly hound for money. Instead of take take take… what does the party propose to offer members? Just why should they join?


It's a tough life!

View from the office

It is currently 11:24 am here – 7:24 UK time…. I would normally be on a train speeding (or limping as the case may be) into Kings Cross. With the wonders of modern technology this is the view from my “mobile office” today…. but of course I am on holiday so really won’t be doing much work… Now where are those speedos… and no, that isn’t a sight I would inflict on anyone!

Cameron needs to focus on domestic problems – ComRes

A ComRes poll commissioned by ITV News shows people think Cameron should concentrate on problems facing Britain rather than global disputes.

It shows that 66% of people think Prime Minister David Cameron should concentrate on problems facing Britain, rather than global disputes, with just 21% disagreeing.

When asked if the Prime Minister’s recent trip to the Middle East would help calm the current unrest in Africa and the Middle East, 57% disagree, with just 10% saying it would calm unrest.

Asked if the British government has managed the evacuation of British citizens from Libya well, 52% disagree while just 18% agree.

82% of people are concerned about a potential increase in fuel prices resulting from the current unrest in Africa and the Middle East, with just 9% disagreeing. And finally, people (51%) agree that the British government should support any movement towards democratic government in previously undemocratic countries, with just 15% disagreeing.

Reports of the death of the Seven Days Show have been greatly exaggerated

I’ve had a few messages asking whether Iain Dale and I are still doing the Seven Days Show. Those of you who listen in hopefully can tell we have a good time doing it. I like coming up with the questions and hearing Iains thoughts on what has happened in the previous seven days worth of political shenanigans.

With the podcast, I do it because I like to, and Iain is generous enough to give me some of his time during the weekend.

For reasons of timing we weren’t able to do the last couple of weeks, and then for the first time since I can remember I have been on a holiday which has had very very limited internet access, which in a way has been quite liberating, although I have now succumbed, having left Africa for the Seychelles and bought a re paid internet card….but lets just say I shan’t be rushing away from the lovely blue sea I can currently staring at.

Raining back home??