Reports of the death of the Seven Days Show have been greatly exaggerated

I’ve had a few messages asking whether Iain Dale and I are still doing the Seven Days Show. Those of you who listen in hopefully can tell we have a good time doing it. I like coming up with the questions and hearing Iains thoughts on what has happened in the previous seven days worth of political shenanigans.

With the podcast, I do it because I like to, and Iain is generous enough to give me some of his time during the weekend.

For reasons of timing we weren’t able to do the last couple of weeks, and then for the first time since I can remember I have been on a holiday which has had very very limited internet access, which in a way has been quite liberating, although I have now succumbed, having left Africa for the Seychelles and bought a re paid internet card….but lets just say I shan’t be rushing away from the lovely blue sea I can currently staring at.

Raining back home??


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