Who pays for police lobbying?

I have no issue with lobbying. In my mind it leads to better more thought out legislation. I myself think I should lobby all MPs to get rid of Early Day Motions as I think they are a waste of money, not very effective, and something better could be introduced at a much lower cost to the taxpayer.

It comes as no surprise that the police are actively lobbying MPs, specifically on the subject of their pension. I actually applaud the likes of Nigel Tompsett for not being an armchair general like so many people in society and actually doing something.

The issue I have is that many of these letters are reaching MPs, having being franked and therefore paid for by the local police authority. Hmmm should the local police authority really be funding such an activity? I thought we were stamping out on the public sector lobbying what is essentially the public sector? Weren’t we?

One Response to Who pays for police lobbying?

  1. Hi! I've only just come across this blog, hence rather a time delay in the response!

    As the bloke who got out of his armchair to organise this campaign to Protect Police Pensions, I felt perhaps I had a right of reply on this subject!!

    Who DOES pay for police lobbying? Good question, and I have to say, until I read this blog, I thought that this whole campaign had been self-financing…

    It does distress me somewhat to think that some coppers have been tight enough to pop their letters to their MPs in with the mail at their police stations for the job to frank and therefore pay for…

    This should not be, and I find it such a shame.

    To put things in perspective just a bit….when I first started this campaign in December 2010, I printed off, at home, at my won expense, on my own computer, 160 letters for my colleagues living in my own constituency along with 160 pre-addressed envelopes for them merely to sign and pop in the envelope and post to our MP. I even gave them the option of handing them back to me, so I could hand deliver them!!

    Funnily enough, several colleagues opted for the latter…..!!

    However, I clearly could not do this for the remaining 140,000 coppers countrywide! Sadly, some have just felt too tight to pay 32p for a stamp.

    Sad, but not overly surprising, I'm afraid.

    Thanks for highlighting this, and just in case you're interested, the campaign has taken off amazingly, to the extent that I was invited to Westminster to meet with the Police Minister Nick Herbert to discuss the issues raised by this campaign!

    I would say personally, that lobbying DOES indeed work…….

    Nigel Tompsett

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