Taking no pleasure in Alan Johnsons resignation

Ok, the first part is a little lie. In a way I’m pleased Ed Balls is in the position he is in, as I don’t think he’s a huge vote winner, but that’s beside the point. If the first editions already out today are to be believed I don’t take any pleasure in the resignation of Alan Johnson. Yes I may poke fun at him asking did he go because “he failed to deliver” but when you have both worked for Royal Mail I think you are allowed a little post office humour.

He always struck me as a decent kind of guy. Indeed when I was at Royal Mail and had dealings with his office and his adviser he always seemed to be a nice guy. I am not sure he was well suited to the role of Shadow Chancellor, but that is probably the least of his worries.

The reshuffle is certainly interesting. I hope the party, for example, will use every opportunity to remind Liam Byrne of his immortal words about there being no money left whenever and wherever he speaks. Will this reshuffle give Labour new impetus? Probably – just as any reshuffle would. If I were Ed Miliband would I keep an eye on my closest colleagues for obvious reasons? You bet! Do I believe advisers of current Shadow Ministers may have briefed against Johnson – you would hope not, but yes. Do I feel a little sad for Alan Johnson. Having read some of the headlines, yes I do.


One Response to Taking no pleasure in Alan Johnsons resignation

  1. keynesianism says:

    I agree, he did seem a nice guy if not the worlds greatest economist. Personally I struggle to like Ed Balls, he didn't win the leadership contest I suspect as others share my view. My real concern at this stage for Labour is Ed Milliband. Cannot help thinking labour made a mistake here. He so far seems ineffective and lacking in conviction. Still…the coalition has Nick Clegg.

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