The Speaker, Mark Pritchard, and my T-shirt

Following the ‘to do’ with Mark Pritchard and Mr Speaker it appears as though the media have been lapping up the spat. Today’s stories will be tomorrows chip papers. I did have a wry smile to learn that the t-shirt I put online had made it into the Evening Standard.

But the whole spat really does raise some serious issues. The argument with Mark Pritchard isn’t the first run in Mr Speaker has had. We all remember Simon Burns and the “dwarf” comments. Then there was the rather aggressive exchange with the Chief Whip. Nadine Dorries is no fan of Mr Speaker. How long does the list need to grow before there is an acknowledgement that maybe the fault doesn’t just lie with over aggressive Tory MPs as has been suggested as the reason for some of these slap downs by Mr Speaker?

I actually have great respect for the office of Speaker. But to lambaste an MP for not obeying Parliamentary tradition? So an MP should stand aside when The Speaker is passing. Fine. But does the Speaker get to pick and choose what traditions are to be respected. The current Speaker chooses not to wear the traditional wig. If MPs are expected to follow tradition should not the same rule apply to Mr Speaker?

I am saddened by the fact that I hark back to the days of Betty Boothroyd. Why doesn’t the current Speaker engender the same affection that she does? I am pleased the whole fuss about nothing seems to have died down. Mark Pritchard is sorry for using a swear word, but more importantly Mr Speaker wants a meeting with party managers to discuss the perceived breakdown in courtesy. I think it should be remembered that civility works both ways.

In the spirit of civility you can now buy an “I LOVE MR SPEAKER” T-shirt, because we all need to be loved, don’t we.

Daily Mail coverage

Not to most civil of exchanges was it?

One Response to The Speaker, Mark Pritchard, and my T-shirt

  1. Conand says:

    I'm still glad I ordered mine. I can't condone Sally Bercow either.

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