We are struggling to afford our Air Force…. yet the Swedes

can afford to use theirs to do this!


Cable needs to suck it up

I am no fan of Vince Cable. I’ve never been one of those disciples who thinks he is some sort of economic guru. So we learn that he doesn’t like some of the policies the coalition may be pushing. Well guess what, neither do I, but my party has a few more MPs and votes than your party got at the last election. Yet you have the arrogance to suggest that if you are pushed to far you will bring he Government down.

Sorry, I just have to laugh. It sounds like a line out of the incredible hulk who used similar words to an “investigative reporter” though I suspect they didn’t work for The Telegraph.

Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

Just as I am not Cable fan, I’m no fan of undercover reporting with secret tape recoding, but just shut up Vince! If he can’t suck it up and shut up, then he should do the honourable thing, and play this song to the coalition…..

To tweet in court?

So it appears as though twitter is now allowable to report proceedings from court. If that is the case isn’t the natural progression to allow live television coverage, or would that be a step too far?

Personally I’m all for a few Judge Judy types sitting on our benches!

Seven Days Show episode 53


The latest Seven Days Show is now online. In this weeks show, episode 53, we speak about Iain Dale’s decision to leave political blogging and the reasons why; Nigel Evans announcing he’s gay; IPSA; Bob Ainsworth and drugs; and what Santa Claus may be bringing in his sack.

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Brown, economic vandalism, and hypocrisy

Does Brown have a sense of humour? Clearly he must be taking the p*** when he argues that removing state aid for less off pupis were an act of economic vandalism.Economic vandalism? Economic vandalism? How dare the former Prime Minister who never won an election dare utter those words. Blair wanted a legacy we all know that. However it is Brown who has the clearest legacy of all, that of taking Britain to the brink of bankruptcy, an act of economic vandalism if ever there was one.

An alternative view on prisons from the East Midlands


Ken Clarke has hit the headlines with his recent views on prisons and whether they work or not. Roger Helmer MEP has recorded an exclusive podcast for Tory Radio in which he outlines why as representative for the area in which Ken’s constituency resides, he believes prisons do work.

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Don't be miserable – send a Christmas card

I remember when all the vogue was emailable cards with a message saying that in place of the cost of the card, a donation had been made to charity. Working for Royal Mail, unsurprisingly we continued to send Xmas cards. It would be strange not to wouldn’t it.

Maybe I am old fashioned, but in spite of my love of gadgets, when I come home I am still disappointed if I haven’t got any post. I can get 300 emails a day, but I still like to open a letter. The same is true at Christmas. They are a pain in the backside to do. They seem to cost more and more to post, and I inevitably forget to send them to a few people I should (or indeed send more than one to the same person because I can’t remember who I’ve sent them to) but you can’t beat the feeling when you get a Christmas card.