Letting the people decide

So it appears as though ordinary citizens such as you or I will be getting the chance to table epetitions which if they get 100,000 signatures will be debated in parliament.

Crikey, yet even more erosion of the power of an MP. We can already find more out with an FOI request than is often unearthed by a parliamentary question. Now we can table a petition which if it attracts enough signatures will get debated, something which the pointless system of Early Day Motions which cost the taxpayer £1 million a year, and are only open to MPs cannot guarantee.

However the most radical change has been highlighted by Guido Fawkes, when he writes about the issue of capital punishment. A petition to get the issue debated would easily attract 100,000 signatures. What if the Government commit to offering a referendum if 1 million signatures are collected? For you see, that figure would also be easily reached, and i for one would welcome a referendum on such an issue before holding one on AV.

Do the politicians realise that by letting the people decide, they may get told some answers they may not like? Welcome to an age of people power on issue based campaigning.

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