Cable needs to suck it up

I am no fan of Vince Cable. I’ve never been one of those disciples who thinks he is some sort of economic guru. So we learn that he doesn’t like some of the policies the coalition may be pushing. Well guess what, neither do I, but my party has a few more MPs and votes than your party got at the last election. Yet you have the arrogance to suggest that if you are pushed to far you will bring he Government down.

Sorry, I just have to laugh. It sounds like a line out of the incredible hulk who used similar words to an “investigative reporter” though I suspect they didn’t work for The Telegraph.

Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

Just as I am not Cable fan, I’m no fan of undercover reporting with secret tape recoding, but just shut up Vince! If he can’t suck it up and shut up, then he should do the honourable thing, and play this song to the coalition…..

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