Brown, economic vandalism, and hypocrisy

Does Brown have a sense of humour? Clearly he must be taking the p*** when he argues that removing state aid for less off pupis were an act of economic vandalism.Economic vandalism? Economic vandalism? How dare the former Prime Minister who never won an election dare utter those words. Blair wanted a legacy we all know that. However it is Brown who has the clearest legacy of all, that of taking Britain to the brink of bankruptcy, an act of economic vandalism if ever there was one.

10 Responses to Brown, economic vandalism, and hypocrisy

  1. Philip Painter says:

    Didn’t the banks have something to do with it?

    • editor says:

      13 years of Labour spending and wasting money had something to do with it yes. Byrne thinking it funny somehow to say all the money has been spent is a clear admission of economic vandalism.

  2. cynicalHighlander says:

    Thatcher slackened the leash on the financial regulators and Brown took it off completely allowing the banks to create more money by expanding the debt market which created a fictitous feeling of wealth. Students didn’t cause this nor the poor or middle classes as the super rich are the culprits and they need to be the ones paying the price.

    • editor says:

      Not sure who the “super rich” are. People who earn alot of money here and pay taxes here? Elton John is super rich – earns alot of money and as he points out, pays alot of tax. Is he to blame? People who earn money here and take steps to limit the amount of tax they pay? People who never work and pay no tax.. are they not to blame?

      Sory – but harkin back to Thatcher who left office 20 years ago is a load of nonsense. Labour were in office for 13 years. Byrne joyfully pointed out they spent all the money.. an act of pure vandalism.

  3. cynicalHighlander says:

    Thatcher started the problem and Brown made it worse by totaly removing any controls of the banks. Its not nonsense she slackened the handbrake and Brown cut the cable allowing unrestricted freewheeling. Try looking up CFR.

    If I have to explain who the rich are to a Tory explains more why the UK is in such a financial mess. These austerity measures being put in place will do nothing to sort the deficit as the underlying problem of debt is still there and increasing.

    • editor says:

      I think the fact that you suggest the “super rich are the culprits” is what you need to explain. So everyone who is currently well off (or indeed super rich, although I see no definition) is at fault according to your across the board statement. Yes that old Socialist Duncan Bannatyne – I blame him!

  4. Little Angussie says:

    cynical and craven of Brown to accuse the present Government of economic vandalism after his rape of the economy.

    He never care for the young when he was in power – all the money spend on the ‘new deal’ – just another scam to keep jobless off the unemployed figures – the result? a few more working in Mcdonalds!

    If he was worried about the lost generation of young unemployed, why did he fill the country with foreign labour to take the types of jobs in the service sector which many of the youngsters would have filled?

    That is economic madness – bring in people from abroad to fill job vacancies which our existing population have the skills to do PLUS pay them benefits to send home and also allocate them scarce housing stock. By the way before all the lefties start shoutinf racism at me – I do not blame the foreign people for coming here – if they get a guarantee like the last government gave them, I would have done exactly the same as them if I had been in their shoes.

    This post is about the madness of Brown and even worse the rest of the Blair cabinet who knew what he was like psychologically and did not dare to stand against him.

    Its amazing that a few short months after taking the country to its knees and leaving a bill that will take decades of thrift and cuts to recover, the electorate have forgotten and are taking their sins out on the present Government who are doing the country a great service by their determination to turn the corner for the benefit of us all.

  5. cynicalHighlander says:

    For starters The great tax heist

    The editoral in the same paper.

    We’re all in this together – or so the politicians never tire of telling us. If only it were true. In reality, the Britain now fighting to overcome the economic crisis is divided into two very different nations.

    In one lives the great majority who bear the full crushing burden of the disaster that reckless bankers and a spendthrift Labour government brought upon us.

    This is the Britain in which hard-working families are struggling to make ends meet, as taxes and prices rise and real incomes fall. It’s the nation in which tens of thousands of public employees face the misery of losing their jobs, like so many private sector workers during the recession.

    But then there’s another Britain, populated by bankers who go on paying themselves ever more generous bonuses and an increasing number of companies that avoid paying UK taxes – taxes that should be helping to reduce this country’s terrifying debts.

    … Let’s examine the bankers – the men and women whose avarice and incompetence brought on the crisis in the first place.”

    … The politicians should be under no misapprehension about how angry people are about these inequities. If bankers won’t behave decently of their own free will – curbing their bonuses, lending to small businesses and offering fair rates to savers – then the Coalition must force them to.

    But the City is not alone in this other Britain that puts self-interest first and treats patriotic duty with contempt.

    Increasingly British firms are using every legal trick in the book to avoid the UK taxes needed to pay off our debt.

    Boots, Vodafone, Cadbury’s, WPP, Wolseley, Brit Insurance, Matalan, Shire pharmaceuticals, Experian, the British arm of Starbucks.. these and countless others are avoiding paying their taxes to the country where they have made their profits.

    We’re all in this together? Let the bankers and tax-avoiders try explaining that to the millions of Britons who pay their taxes – and in return expect fairness to be applied to everyone.

  6. editor says:

    Again no answer to the point about “the super rich”. You have quoted corporations. So again who are the super rich individuals you claim have caused this issue. What you have written is nonsense. Bannatyne is super rich. Elton John is super rih. An argument against tax avoidance is wholly different from a comment based on pure envy about the “super rich”.

  7. keynesianism says:

    What tosh. The governments bail out of the banks will no doubt show a handsome profit. The car industry welcomed the support and the recession was shallower and shorter as a result of the expansionary plicies. The deficit was largely the result of a collapse in taxation revenues caused by the recession which was caused by the banks. Latest growth figures show conservative policy for what it is……economic vandalism.

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