Good for Bob Russell

I am never going to be the chief cheerleader of the Bob Russell fan club. I think has some barmy ideas, none least how he still thinks Early Day Motions are a good use of parliamentary resources. Today, however I believe he has got it spot on when we learn (from the FT) that he has reported some letters which in essence threatened violence because of the views he has expressed.

On of the major reasons why I would not want to be an MP is people think they have the right to say anything they want, however disrespectful, rude, or indeed threatening it may be, to a Member of Parliament, and indeed to their staff, because of the perception that all politicians and people involved in the political sphere are on the take scum bags. At  the same time many MPs with smaller majorities are afraid to tell a few home truths to people who write in for fear of losing a vote of two.

Iain Dale has recently quit blogging, one of the reasons being given is that he is fed up of the abuse. Yes there is no right to not be offended, but at the same time there is no justification for pure abusive and nasty letters that people think they can send because you are a politician.

Good for Bob for putting a constituent in their place on the Royal Wedding, and good on him for reporting threatening letters. Just don’t table an EDM on it please!

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