Don't be miserable – send a Christmas card

I remember when all the vogue was emailable cards with a message saying that in place of the cost of the card, a donation had been made to charity. Working for Royal Mail, unsurprisingly we continued to send Xmas cards. It would be strange not to wouldn’t it.

Maybe I am old fashioned, but in spite of my love of gadgets, when I come home I am still disappointed if I haven’t got any post. I can get 300 emails a day, but I still like to open a letter. The same is true at Christmas. They are a pain in the backside to do. They seem to cost more and more to post, and I inevitably forget to send them to a few people I should (or indeed send more than one to the same person because I can’t remember who I’ve sent them to) but you can’t beat the feeling when you get a Christmas card.

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