Iain Dale Leaving blogging is worse than The West Wing finishing

I have known Iain for more years than I care to remember. I was young and slim and he had dark hair. I first had an idea for a book about the Referendum Party. I never got round to it. We held our team meeting in his little coffee shop in Politicos. We both worked at Doughty Street. We have done 52 episodes of The Seven Days Show.

Any fan of the West Wing will know the feeling of, Well what do I watch now… how the you almost felt you had lost a friend. That is kind of how I feel now his blog is no more. It is an ex blog. It ceases to be, although not quite. It will still be there, but it just won’t be the same.

Iain, you selfish sod. What are us less eloquent soles going to read now? Our days will be emptier now we wont be reading your pearls of wisdom, even if you would often infuriate. He is the only man that can bring up the issue of his dogs anal glands in a podcast.

A sad day for politics and a sad day for blogging. Part of me isn’t surprised, part of me is completely shocked. I had an inkling he wasn’t that enamoured with how blogging has progressed. Nasty comments have to have an impact. . Part of me wants to be like the MP during Thatchers last speech who shouts for her to reconsider because she’s wipe the floor with the lot of ’em. Come on Iain, don’t do it. But we have to respect his decision. But do you know what? Whilst there is no more West Wing, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Dale and his diary.

Iain will continue to be on the Seven Days Show which you can subcribe to here.


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