Harman – you cannot be serious?

Simon Walters of the Mail on Sunday has a very interesting piece which if true makes me think Harriet Harman has lost her grip on reality. We can argue about who got the country into the state it’s in. I think it was the previous Labour Government, others will want to blame a world recession – but the fact is we are still in dire financial straits.

Yet if this story is true, Harman is suggesting it is appropriate and even commendable for benefits paid for by hard working taxpayers to be sent out of the country to help the families of immigrants. Now this isn’t an immigrant issue for me. Frankly I’d cut Winter Fuel allowance for all those comfortable couples who swan off abroad over Winter and use the payment (irrespective of how much money you have) to help them have a nice few months in Spain or wherever.

But seeing as the story has been raised are we saying it is appropriate and commendable for immigrants to send their benefit paymenst out of the country. I suspect many hard pressed taxpayers who are not in receipt of benefits, but struggling will feel very aggrived their money is being used to subsidise none nationals, and will feel even more aggrieved that a senior Labour member feels it appropriate to commend such action.

Someone from Labour please tell Harriet she is oh so wrong. She needs someone to have a John McEnroe moment with her She need to be told, You Cannot Be Serious? She can’t….. can she?

5 Responses to Harman – you cannot be serious?

  1. keynesianism says:

    The problem is you cannot dictate to somebody how to spend their money. If they are in legitimate receipt of benefits then how they spend them is up to them. Of course a benefit recipient who sends money abroad is clearly receiving too much. That is an issue for the welfare system. Similarly what about benefit claimants who spend money on cigarettes and alcohol? I don’ agree with that but surely we cannot control it?

  2. Jose says:

    I believe that any benefits paid to UK nationals must also be available to EU citizens hence, the payment of child benefits abroad. It is also true that UK citizens resident in the EU can continue claiming their UK benefits such as child allowance! The best thing the govt can do is simply reduce the amount of benefits paid to UK citizens; stop child benefits after 2 children for starters!

    • editor says:

      It really is an interestin debate because as a previous commenter has said, you can’t really tell people what to spend their benefits on, but if they have enough to send abroad are they getting too much?

      You could also question how and why,through marriage,a spouse of a UK ctizen, who may well never have lived in this country (the spouse) can qualiy for a state pension and healthcare? It happens, and its allowed.

  3. keynesianism says:

    Simple answer is to change the rules and tighten them up. Why does common sense seem to disappear with regard to welfare legislation?

  4. editor says:

    Change what rules? Many cannot be changed due to EU legislation. You could target benefits so they have to be spent on what they are allocated for, however I would thing you wouldn’t be a supporter of concepts such as voucher systems.

    Winter fuel allowance given as vouchers that can only be spent on utilities for example.

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