Bad cold calling from HSBC

Normally I never answer my mobile if it is a withheld number. If they want me I think whoever it is will either call back or leave a message.

Today I answered and there was a jolly voice asking if it was me. I of course said yes, and then they asked me could I confirm part of my security as it was HSBC calling. I said, but I don’t know it is HSBC calling. To which they tell me I can call HSBC through their usual number to confirm it is a legitimate call. I then ask, well what is the call regarding, and laughably they tell me they can’t say.

The outcome… they waste a minute of my life, and because they can’t tell me what it was all about why on earth would I call back.

2 Responses to Bad cold calling from HSBC

  1. OperaNut1972 says:

    hiding behind theDPA is a common tactic!

  2. Jose says:

    When you get a 'cold call' answer with 'hello' and then put the phone down and leave them talking to fresh air! Or alternatively answer in a foreign language always works!

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