Sometimes the NHS can be a disgrace

My brother works in the NHS. My sister in law is a nurse. My father in law has dialysis ever other day. I understand what a great job the NHS does, yet sometimes some in the organisation just beggar belief.

Firstly for anyone who works for a living it is damn hard to ever see a doctor. But I can put that to one side. I am lucky. I haven’t seen a doctor sine I had a medical in the first week that I went to University. I have nearly doubled in age. I m 36 next yer.

For my wife’s fortieth birthday we are taking a holiday which require us to have various jab. She has just called the doctors surgery who have informed her that they won’t do it as they took a decision this year that “it takes too much time” and that we can go to Nottingham. Good to see that the first time in 18 years I might need something which is a medical issue (haven’t had a tetanus jab since at school for example) that “it takes too much time”!

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