Students should just stop moaning and get in the real world

What are these EMA’s students are whining about? Hang on… are you telling me kids are getting money to go to school. My god. What happened before these things? I mean imagine you have a brother at University and you are at school and have a household with income from one parent working in the public sector. They would qualify for an EMA undoubtedly.

But you see I didn’t get one, and as any old geezer will tell you, “It didn’t do me any harm”. I’m fed up of hearing about education is a right. Yes it is to a certain age. But you don’t have a right to have free Higher education. Something being free does not mean there is no cost. Frankly  don’t accept you have a right to get an EMA either? Need some extra money? Get a weekend job like thousands have before you.

5 Responses to Students should just stop moaning and get in the real world

  1. keynesianism says:

    "Get a job, youv'e never had it so good, deter the middle classes from breeding." Some great quotes coming from the consevatives in recent times. At least your'e vocal, what the hell has happened to labour and Milliband in particular? Is he in Panto somewhere or working as father christmas?

  2. editor says:

    I am sure you are a big advocate of EMA's. I seem to remember visiting an economics class to e told that the EMAwas used by one student to get drunk on a Friday night.

    No no.. forgive me, it is a very well targetted benefit to encourage kids to stay in school.

    I just don't know what kids from single parent families with low incomes did before. Oh wait.. actually I do.

  3. keynesianism says:

    EMA was a poorly targetted bebefit and actually caused most resentment amongst students who pereived it as such and saw how it could end up going to those who were not always in need. A good example of Labour spending taxpayers money freely. Not all children in single parent families are poor, especially in divorced middle class families. R.I.P. E.M.A

  4. Colin Thompson says:

    What a lot of nonsense!! How out of touch are you all? At least we all know that this cut is being done for ideological reasons, not fiscal necessity.
    I was from a single parent family and can clearly state that I know many students who used EMA to fund their studies, travel, and food, and also held down part time jobs. EMA has been a great enabler, but then if you believe that privilege belongs to the few and the poor are underserving of assistance then I hope that you or your children never have to experience the hardships a significant number of our nations people face, it may shatter some of your preconceptions.

    • editor says:

      Yes tutition that ideological they were introduced by a Labour Government who also put in place the Browne Review and stood on that very platform in its manifesto.

      Your ideology is very good at spending other people’s money – other people who are often worse off than yourself.

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