Harman "monstered" by the PLP?

That’s what John Pienaar suggested happened. It seems as though a large number of Labour MPs feel he has been badly treated, and part of me, just a small part has a little sympathy with that view. Everyone can read what was in the leaflets. Everyone can condemn it. However I stand by my view that the judgement opens up a can of worms and only the naive will believe it will do anything to clean up politics. Negative campaigning – not just on policy, but about opponents has always existed and it always will.

Should Woolas have expected more support from Harman. Don’t be silly. Remember her clapping Ed’s comments about Iraq (if memory serves me correctly) only for brother David to ask why she was clapping as she had voted for such a policy. Pienaar suggests many Labour MPs have offered to raise money for Woolas. Paul Waugh has already noted Woolas was deep in conversation with David Miliband. I wonder if he got his wallet out?

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4 Responses to Harman "monstered" by the PLP?

  1. Jose says:

    Are you seriously suggesting that although "the judgement opens up a can of worms" it was unjust? Woolas got what he deserved and now the rest of them are moaning; don't mind them giving Harman a kicking though. What an obnoxious woman!

  2. editor says:

    I havent said the judgement is unjust. I have already made the point the public cant see the difference between lies about an opponent which is an offence and lies about policy which is not.

    Also having been a parliamentary candidates twice I can tell you that many MPs and candidates have walked a fine line on the issue of spreading untruths about opponents, which is why this opens up a can of worms.

    Are we now likely to see courts deciding election reruns more and more.. quite possibly.

  3. Guy The Mac says:

    "Are we now likely to see courts deciding election reruns more and more.. quite possibly."

    That would be one possible consequence of the precedent. The other, more obvious one, would be that people note the consequences, modify their behaviour and we have a cleaner fight.

  4. editor says:

    You may think it more obvious, and it may ineed be more desirable, but this judgment will not see an end to mud slinging in politics, as nice as that may be.

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