Assisted Suicide – Cristina Odone and also Brandon Lewis MP exclusive podcasts


Today the Centre for Policy Studies published a pamphlet entitled Assisted suicide: how the chattering classes have got it wrong authored by Cristina Odone which you can read here.

We took the opportunity to put the following questions to Cristina:-

  • Could you tell our listeners about your publication which has come out today?
  • Why do you suggest that some sort of elite will take advantage of any legislation brought about to allow assisted dying?
  • Do you think it fair that it is actually an elite who are currently the only ones who are allowed choice in this area?
  • What do you think of people who have pets put down for compassionate reasons and shouldn’t we give humans a similar option?
  • Is there any situation in which you could support an individual choosing to end their life at a time of their choice?
  • What advice would you give to Members of Parliament if they were minded to support legislation in the area of assisted dying?

Cristina has recorded an exclusive podcast which you can listen to by clicking here in which she sets out the arguments contained in the pamphlet.

We also took the opportunity to speak to Brandon Lewis MP for Great Yarmouth who addresses some of the points in the pamplet and expresses a keen desire to have a proper debate on this issue which you can listen to by clicking here.


Is legislation to enable assisted suicide a good think, or do you think it will just lead to the vulnerable being taken advantage of? Alternatively do you believe that given we put animals ‘to sleep’ for compassionate reasons, the least we could do is offer the same choice to human beings?


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