Labour took the country where they took their party

The more I see of Lord Prescott the more I am starting to like him in his new role. I tell you he looks lots slimmer and seems to be loving campaigning to be treasurer of his party. Maybe I’m going soft in my old age. I know when I was involved in politics in Chesterfield the Tories got on well enough with the very left wing Labour representatives. You knew where you stood, and there was of course he mutual hatred of the Lib… oh enough of that.

In some rather candidd comments JP suggests that the Labour party faces bankruptcy.  Now forgive me, but that is exactly the same situation the same people left the country, yet their leadership contenders seem intent of sticking their heads in the sand and are trying to convince people that oh no, to not make any cuts is the right thing and that spending more is what is required.

Face up to the facts. Labour  took the country to the brink of bankruptcy just as they have taken their party down that same path. Frankly I am not too concerned as to how Labour sort their party out (though what price more Union funding I wonder) but the tough decisions that are going to be forced upon us are down to the mismanagement of the Labour Government, and we should not be afraid to remind people of that time and time again.

5 Responses to Labour took the country where they took their party

  1. keynesianism says:

    I thought it was the banks and their innapropriate lending to fuel unsustainable lifestyles that led the country to bankruptcy. Still it suits the condem party to place the entire blame on labour, sometimes politics is so predictable.

    • operanut1972 says:

      How can the fact that Labour spent more cash than the country had coming in, be anything but the Labour party's fault? They are the ones who continuously introduced unwelcome legislation and micro management of everyone's lives (is nannying the correct term?) They are the party, who in the days leading up to the election made outrageous promises saying they would spend more money, all the time knowing they would not be re-elected and wouldn't have to make the hard decisions, the same decisions that as an opposition party, disagreeing with them, makes the party look good!. So sorry, yes the Labour party got the country into the mess it is now and just as surely has let it's party finances get in the way it has. However, what happens if the Labour Party goes bankrupt? Does it cease to be a political party or does it have to re-brand and borrow? I know I wouldn't give them my last penny, they already had that five years ago.

  2. editor says:

    Oh yes. Of course under your thesis the Treasury and the Chancellor of the previous Government have now power over the economy may as well scrap both then! Sorry Governments can't take credit for positive news and then shift all blame for negatives.

  3. keynesianism says:

    During any recession tax revenues fall and government spending rises automatically, irrespective of who is in power. Borrowing figures have in fact been coming in considerably below forecast so who will take the credit for that? Making tough political decisions is far from easy. Labour took them and paid the price. The fun and ganmes for the conservatives has not started yet. Watch this space.

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