Time for capital punishment?

So the recent story of Ian Huntley wanting compensation really raises alot of questions for me. As pointed out in the comments to my previous post, a situation like this is absolutely allowed to happen due to considering the Human Rights of a prisoner. I accept that is the way the law is now. Though for me it means that the law should change. We hear too much about rights and not much about responsibilities.

I really cannot give any sympathy to a man such as Huntley. I personally cannot comprehend anyone who would offer such a person sympathy. So if we currently have a situation that exists whereby such a person can have compensation there is an easy solution. Re-introduce capital punishment. Protect these people once locked up until the day they face they face the ultimate retribution.

Would I support a move? Yes. Would the British public? Yes Will any politician suppport such a move. I hope so.

6 Responses to Time for capital punishment?

  1. toryradio says:

    Let the people decide. Have a referendum on it as that's all the vogue now. Surely we trust the public to decied on this issue? No? Huntley is probably more protected than he would be if he is let out I know that much.

  2. hesspartacus says:

    Death penalty?



    I'm all for personal responsibility, and you're right, in many cases there is too much emphasis on the rights of criminals, but in Huntley's case didn't the Prison Service have a duty to protect as well as to incarcerate?

  3. hesspartacus says:

    Philosophically I don't have a problem with a referendum on the death penalty (the more direct democracy the better), although I probably wouldn't like the result.
    My recent post John 11-35

  4. John Hirst says:

    The time for capital punishment is in the past. Better left there. That a prisoner claiming his legal right so upsets this blog's author is beyond rationality. The law is an instrument which both serves to punish and protect. Ian Huntley was punished by the law for his crimes against the two young children. By the same token, when he is a victim he is entitled to the law's protection. Simples!
    My recent post Sarahs Law just another knee-jerk policy!

  5. toryradio says:

    You and I shouldn't be the judge. Why not let the public decide? Surely that would give any decision greater moral authority.

  6. Roger Helmer MEP says:

    More victims are killed by escaped/released/paroled murderers than were ever executed in error. The incontrovertible argument in favour of capital punishment is that when we've hanged the guy, he can't do it again.

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