The Unions don't like it up em

They don’t like it up ‘em. Apparently the Unions (take a look at stronger unions . org – no link provided absolutely intentionally) have taken a bit of a disliking to the fact that god forbid an elected politician actually had the temerity  to question how many people working in Government departments had time off for Union duties.
Given we all know how much time their members spend in call centres undertaking political work on behalf of the Labour party to prop up what we all know was a discredited Government, why would anyone want to question whether time off on the taxpayers bill is money well spent?
You have to wonder why the Unions received £5.7million over the last term of parliament under the union modernisation fund when they have so much money to donate to political parties. Of course asking questions about that are just no on…. are they?

Isn’t it interesting that they believe tabling parliamentary questions is such a waste of money. This from the Unions who seem to love to table Early Day Motion after Early Day Motion. No… they aren’t a waste of money are they?

Nice to see the likes of Skinner still trying to fight a class war.

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